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Return of the Classics - The GTA Trilogy

Return of the Classics - The GTA Trilogy-Custom Controllers UK

The Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive edition is set to release on November 11th and it looks better than I ever could have hoped. Classic GTA games including GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas are all returning for next-generation and current generation consoles and is a trilogy to be excited about. I remember playing these games all those years ago on my PS2 and seeing these games return really hits me with a wave of nostalgia. So, in celebration of these games returning, I am going to talk a bit about these classic games and what Rockstar is improving with the definitive edition.

Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto III takes the player into Liberty City, a fictional open world location that is made up of three different islands and is based upon New York City. You play as Claude, a man who enters the world of crime after being betrayed by his girlfriend during a robbery, and on his quest for revenge he becomes tangled with the mafia and works with them to commit mass crimes across the city.

At its release, this game was very highly rated by the community and reviewers alike thanks to its enjoyable story and amazing location, with the introduction of 3D graphics being a massive and welcome change from the previously 2D games. This game was just brilliant all around and was a masterpiece in its time, and I cannot wait to see how it will hold up today with improved performance and graphics.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Grand Theft Auto Vice City entered as the fourth release in the Grand Theft Auto series, releasing one year after GTA III (GTA III released in 2001, and GTA Vice City in 2002). Obviously taking you into the world of Vice City, another fictional location that is based upon Miami and real-life events and people. Vice City is made up of two main islands and places you in the shoes of mobster Tommy Vercetti. After being released from prison and being caught during a drug deal, you begin building a criminal empire by seizing power across the city, while also trying to find those responsible for catching you.

Like GTA 3, this game was very critically acclaimed on its release. With the game being praised for its incredible open world design, updated and brutal gameplay and entertaining story and music. Considered as one of the best games of its generation, this is a game that many of us cannot wait to get our hands on once again. Especially with the high tier of performance and graphics.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

And the last of the Grand Theft Auto trilogy, is GTA San Andreas, originally releasing in 2004 for the PS2. In this entry, you play as Carl Johnson or “CJ” for short who is drawn back into his old gang and a life of crime after his mother’s murder. Taking you into the fictional state of San Andreas, a location based widely on California and Nevada. This game greatly references these locations, including the cities, landmarks and multiple real events.

And just like the previous two entries, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was very highly rated and introduced multiple gameplay mechanics and elements that are still being used today. Like character and vehicle customisation, RPG mechanics and a large number of activities. And once again this game was praised for its excellent story and gameplay, strong soundtrack and improvements to graphics and controls. And this game is the best-selling PlayStation 2 game of all time.

So now that you have some information on these games, freshened your memories and understand the praise this trilogy originally got, you can see why so many people are excited to see them return with improved graphics and gameplay.

What is Changing?

As said at the beginning, the GTA trilogy definitive edition is releasing digitally on November 11th, and physically on December 7th. Each game will be available for purchase together for £54.99 and will be available on all platforms, including PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC, with all of the upgraded graphics and performance that you expect.

Now that we have the general information out the way we can talk about what is being upgraded. Each individual game is being improved with a number of upgrades including up to date controls, graphical improvements like resolution and visual fidelity while also sticking to the classic feels and aesthetics of the original games. And the definitive GTA trilogy is being adapted with thanks to Grove Street Games and the Unreal Engine. And that is a really nice touch, the decision to stay close to the original is the right move as updating everything will take away the nostalgia that each game gives.

I mentioned up to date controls, and there is quite a bit to include in this field. Rockstar have announced that upon the modern controls, that these changes will be made:

  • Targeting and aim assist improvements
  • Updates to the weapon and radio wheels
  • An updated mini map with greater navigation and waypoint setting
  • Updates to achievements and trophies
  • Nintendo Switch will have specific controls, such as gyro aiming, touch screen camera zooming, pans and alternate menu selections.
  • The PC edition will also have support for NVIDIA DLSS and new trophies to earn.

So pretty much everything you would expect from a remaster. It is good to see that these are being improved as they were definite areas of improvement. But there is still a bit more to talk about in the lighting and environment area. With Rockstar also announcing in their announcement that there will be a completely remade lighting system that consists of improved shadows, weather patterns and reflections, along with improved character and vehicle models and greater resolution textures for building, weapons, roads, interiors and more. But we aren’t done, there will also be upgrades to the environment including new foliage through the worlds, surfaces being made smoother, increase to draw distances and a new level of depth and clarity.

All these changes sound great and make me even more excited for the return of the GTA trilogy. I cannot wait to get to experience this story, the gameplay and so much more when the remastered GTA trilogy when it releases. And of course, you can expect a game review from us when it comes out. But until then, we are going to have to wait for more information.

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