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Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is Out of this World – A Review

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is Out of this World – A Review-Custom Controllers UK

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is now out for PS5, and it is definitely up there as one of the best PS5 releases so far. Insomniac has done a really good job here, introducing a marvellous entry into their popular series.

This game offers so much. The worlds are absolutely wonderful, the graphics are so beautiful, the gunplay is fun and different, the enemies are really unique and so much more that just makes an amazing experience. There won’t be any spoilers in this review, so don’t worry about that.

So, let’s hop right into it.

The Story

I just want to quickly talk about the story as it is the main focus of the entire game. It is a great story. Taking you from dimension to dimension and from world to world, the story spreads across a giant, yet wonderful, setting.

You play from the perspective of Ratchet and Rivet, switching between the two throughout the whole story. Rivet is a new character introduced with this game, another Lombax that lives in an alternate universe where infamous villain Dr Nefarious wins.

And as you travel into new worlds, you will meet a number of new and returning characters who all serve an important role. And they all do it really well, a great performance all around. Each character plays their part so nicely.

Worlds and Dimensions

It’s a struggle to say just how beautiful the new worlds and dimensions are within this game. It is really something you have to see for yourself. The visuals and designs are simply amazing.

Each world feels truly different and unique. From the moment you get into the game you can see how nice it is. Like when you get warped to Nefarious City, which is full of towering buildings and confined areas and streets. And then get warped to a number of different open planets that are full of dangerous wildlife or vicious pirates.

Compared to previous games, these worlds are a lot more open with a lot more to see and explore. It is truly a top-level experience, because nothing falls below brilliance. You can go from one world to another in an instant. Though this is a massive help from the PS5, it is so smooth and quick. Being able to jump from one dimension to another with a blink of an eye is phenomenal.

Enemies and Gunplay

With every world comes a number of different enemies to face against. You’ll face hordes of robots, crews of pirates, animals and creatures that will hunt you down and more to face. We have seen some of these enemies before, but they still look and feel really dangerous to face.

We can’t forget bosses either. The bosses in this game, although quite simple, offer some really great fights. Though some of the bosses are repeated, the bosses that are not are wicked. The design of the bosses is really distinct and cool, simply brilliant.

And you can’t fight these enemies without good weapons. And oh my are there good weapons. There are so many weapons that all fit the game perfectly, while also being completely unique. There is a weapon that fires lightning bolts that chains between enemies, one that releases an orb that constantly ricochets off a single enemy and so much more.


Rift Apart follows most of its predecessor in its game structure. The game is set into levels that are quite linear. You go to a new planet or area, face a load of enemies before facing a boss and then moving on. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s simple and easy to follow while also providing some good entertainment.

With difficulty, you shouldn’t expect anything super extreme or hardcore. It is a relatively easy game to complete. The few puzzles that are in the game are relatively straight forward, and it is very easy to get around.

Throughout the game you will be thrown into different methods of getting around, exploring, fighting enemies and so much more. The classic rail riding from throughout the series does return, but it really does make the most out of the PS5s speed in this game. Switching between dimensions when going along, avoiding new and dangerous obstacles and more. It is a load of fun.

There is also the ability to run along particular walls to offer more of a platforming experience along with the combat, pretty simple. But one of the bigger additions in this area is the ability to ride some creatures, allowing you to go from area to area extremely quickly. It is a nice addition, and it makes exploring and getting to an objective that faster.

I also want to bring up the switching between characters again here. As you play as both Ratchet and Rivet in this game, you will find that all bolts and weapons are shared between the two characters, and both characters have the same abilities and attacks.

Performance and Graphics

I’ve already said that this game is beautiful so many times, and it is clear to see why. The graphics are phenomenal. With thanks to the PS5, this game really shines in its graphics and performance department. Capable of hitting 4K and 60FPS along with ray tracing. Of course, you customise your graphics as much as you want, being able to choose between three graphics modes.

In terms of performance, I had absolutely no issues with the game. Everything ran super smoothly without any issues. At 60FPS, everything worked absolutely flawlessly. But I have also heard that 30FPS also works without issues.

You would expect with so much changing within the game as you play it, that there would be a few issues that would show up. But there are not.


As a PS5 exclusive, it is clear that this game meets all the expectations that are set for next-generation games. Though it doesn’t make the absolute most out of the PS5 and its features, like the DualSense controller, it is very entertaining.

The graphics, controls, performance and just overall entertainment really hits that top level. The game is super fan and offers a really unique experience. Definitely give it a go if you can. Do take a note of the fact this game is £70. It is quite expensive, but you should expect that with a PS5 game. But overall, this game is brilliant and Insomniac have done a fantastic job.

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