Most Anticipated Video Games Of This Season

Most Anticipated Video Games Of This Season-Custom Controllers UK

What better time to fall into gaming than this autumn and Winter? With the weather getting colder and the nights getting darker, we know you want nothing more than to wrap up warm, spending your evenings playing your favourite video games, racing round cities, and taking on adventures.

But sometimes its great to try something new, and with a whole load of new video games coming out within the next couple months, now is the best time to take on a new challenge. But how to decide what is the best type of video game?

In this blog, we take a look at the most anticipated video games of 2023, plus some confirmed upcoming video games 2024 has to offer. We have collected the best games coming out in 2023 Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and the PC have to offer, to help you determine which game you play next, you never know, you might find your next dream video game!


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What is the most highly anticipated games?

Marvels Spiderman 2:

Is Spider-Man 2 coming out in 2023?

The next upcoming anticipated game that has made our list is actually being released on October 20th, 2023! Marvels Spiderman 2 is an action-adventure video game where players can swap between Peter Parker and Miles Morales as Kraven the Hunter invades the city with a plan to free a bunch of supervillains.

What platforms will Spider-Man 2 be on in 2023?

Will you be ordering this game? It’s available on the PS5 right now, check it out on our website.


Super Mario Bros. Wonder:

Is Super Mario Bros. Wonder Out?

Next up also being released October 20th 2023 on the Nintendo Switch is Super Mario Bros. Wonder. In this side scrolling platform game, players join Mario on a globe trotting adventure, exploring ancient ruins, big cities and much more. The game was initially announced on June 21st, during a Nintendo Direct presentation.

Make sure to check out our website to get your hands on a copy now!


Just Dance 2024:

It’s that time again to welcome back the return of Just Dance, with the 15th instalment of the game being released on October 24th, 2023, on PS5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch!

What songs will be on Just Dance 2024?

In the classic dance rhythm game, players can once again take on 40 brand new songs from the recent year, competing against friends and dancing to music from all genres, from Latin to rock and even to K-Pop, there is something for everyone!


Alan Wake 2:

With Halloween being right around the corner, now is the perfect time to play a brand-new survival horror game which will be released just days before Halloween, October 27th to be precise! The game follows the investigation of a series of ritualistic murders in Bright Falls, where the first Alan Wake was set. Make sure to check this game out, it will be available on PS5, Xbox and PC.


Modern Warfare 3:

Maybe you are looking for some nostalgia in these upcoming games. Well look no further because the third entry in the rebooted Modern Warfare sub series is here.

What is the story of Modern Warfare 3 2023?

In this first-person shooter game, Modern Warfare 3 follows multi-national special operations as they track down a Russian ultranationalist planning to trigger a third world war. With the original being released in 2011, we can’t wait to see what changes and adaptions have been made. So check out the game now on November 10th on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.


The Day Before:

Will The Day Before ever come out?

November 10th will also be bringing a survival multiplayer online game to its PS5, Xbox and PC platforms. The Day Before is set in a post-apocalyptic version of the USA, where the world has been run over by zombies after a pandemic. Another great spooky survival game to play if you want to cling onto the spooky season just a little longer.



At the end of November, Biomutant is the upcoming action-adventure game set to release on Nintendo Switch on November 30th. The game is set in an open world where players take control of a raccoon-like creature in a world filled with mutant species.


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What is the most anticipated game of 2024?

Upcoming releases with no confirmed release date:

  • Earthblade (2024)
  • Avowed (2024)
  • Rise of the Ronin (2024)
  • Ultros (2024)
  • Towers of Aghasba (2024)



And there are our upcoming anticipations for the autumnal and winter months. We cannot wait to play these games coming out to see if they are worth the hype, which game are you most excited to play? Make sure to check back for our reviews of these games where we will be giving you the inside scoop.

We have plenty of past video game reviews, why not check them out? And visit our Video Games now!


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