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Microsoft Xbox Series S vs Sony PlayStation 4-Custom Controllers UK

The Xbox Series S is a remarkable console, making use of high-performance power and next-generation features. But how does it compare to something a bit older? Today, we ask the question of which is better. The Xbox Series S or the PlayStation 4?

Before we go into the Xbox Series S vs PS4, if you do want one of these devices then we may have one available in our range of consoles.


Which performs better? The PS4 or the Xbox Series S. It is very easy to see that the Xbox Series S has strong performance power. The Xbox Series S features 10GB of GDDR6 RAM with a 128-bit-wide bus, compared to the PS4s older 8GB of GDDR5 RAM. Which makes the Xbox Series S significantly faster than the PlayStation 4.

Not to mention the Xbox Series S also features an 8X Cores @ 3.6 GHz Custom Zen 2 CPU. The Xbox Series S can comfortably support higher frame rates, with up to 120 fps possible. But you will find that most games only support a maximum of 60fps. The PS4 in comparison has an 8-core x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”. The PS4 can support upwards of 60fps, but you will find that you will mostly play at around the 30fps mark.

Verdict: The Xbox Series S performs far better than the PS4.


Storage space is a massive part of any console. We all want as much space as possible to install the game. And when it comes to the base storage size of the PlayStation 4 vs Xbox Series S, the difference isn’t huge. The Xbox Series S has a measly 512GB compared to the PS4 which you can get with 500GB or 1TB. When it comes to base storage, the PS4 is a clear choice if you get the 1TB version.

But the biggest differences come in the type of storage. The Xbox Series S uses an SSD. Whereas, the PS4 has an HDD. And this is a big difference for several reasons. As the Xbox Series S has an SSD, it has far faster boot-up times, read/write speeds, and game loading times. Not to mention you also can switch between games without having to close them, and you can pick up right where you left off. The PS4 in comparison doesn’t have this ability and is far slower.

Both the PS4 and Xbox Series S have a wide variety of options in terms of storage expansion too. The most common form of storage expansion for the PS4 that you will find is with an external USB drive. There are hundreds of different options in terms of these, going up to 8TB in added storage, and the most popular being Seagate game drives. Upwards of 8TB in storage expansion is a very eye-catching improvement, though I don’t see why anyone would need that much. You can get an external USB drive for as low as £50.

But the Xbox Series S is a bit different. You can use an external hard drive with the Series S as well, but it is not the best choice as it can be quite slow. The best choice is the dedicated Seagate Expansion Card, these are special SSDs that you can easily slot into the back of the console. You can get up to 2TB of extra storage, and it proves to be a very fast and effective storage option. However, these are far more expensive compared to the PS4 expansion options. A 1TB expansion card for the Series S costs around £200, while a 1TB drive for PS4 would cost around £50.

Verdict: If you want a console with greater base storage, then a 1TB PS4 is the better choice. But we are going to give this one again to the Xbox Series S. Where it does have lower storage, it makes up for it with far faster boot times.


When it comes to graphics, the Xbox Series S doesn’t quite stride to the high level we expect from a next-gen console. The Xbox Series S has 4 TFLOPS 20CUs @ 1.565GHz of Custom RDNA 2 graphics, while the PS4 has a 1.84 TFLOP AMD Radeon-based graphics engine.

Granted, the Xbox Series S has significantly more graphical prowess than the PS4, but it isn’t amazing. The Xbox Series S has a maximum resolution of 1440p and runs upscaled 4K (not native). And the PS4 has a maximum resolution of 1080p (no 4K support).

Verdict: The Xbox Series S is by far the better choice, but still isn’t great if you want the optimal graphical experience.

Size and Design

One of the biggest things (or maybe smallest in this case) you will notice about the Xbox Series S is how small it is. The Xbox Series S is very compact and significantly smaller than the PS4 and any other PlayStation or Xbox console for that matter. Measuring at a mere 6.5cm x 15.1cm x 27.5cm compared to the PS4s 5.3 cm × 30.5 cm × 27.4 cm. Which makes the Xbox Series S nearly half the size of the PlayStation 4.

There are a few key differences in the designs as well that are worth mentioning. First is that the Xbox Series S does not have a disc drive, while the PS4 does. This means that you can use any discs with your Xbox Series S. There is the positive here in that you don’t have to constantly swap discs with the Series S. But there is also the negative that disc games tend to be cheaper than digital.

Another big difference is the HDMI ports present in both consoles. The PS4 features the old HDMI 1.4 in and out ports, and the Xbox Series S has a single HDMI 2.1 port. HDMI 1.4 supports standard 4K 30fps, while HDMI 2.1 supports upwards of 4K 120fps and 8K 60fps. The PS4 didn’t have the option of HDMI 2.1 at launch, but its presence on the Series S makes the console far stronger.

Verdict: The Xbox Series S is easily the better choice. It is far more compact and more recent technology makes it a far stronger choice.


The Xbox Series S proves as a cheap yet strong comparison to more expensive models, available at £249.99 retail. But you can easily find one at a lower price at the time of writing this. The PS4 in comparison has a big price range. But you can find new PS4s available at around £200. The only problem is that PS4 production is set to end soon with the PS5 shortage now over, so prices are bound to rise.

Verdict: The Xbox Series S is the far better choice in terms of value.


Overall, this is an easy win for the Xbox Series S. It is a far stronger choice in every field and a greater value for money.

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