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May’s New PS Now Games

May’s New PS Now Games-Custom Controllers UK

It is now May, and with it comes three new games to PlayStation’s streaming service: PS Now. If you do not know what PS Now is, it is as said a game streaming service where players can pay to access a massive library of games they can play for a limited time. Unlike Xbox Game Pass though, most of these games cannot be installed, and instead can only be played over an online PlayStation server.

New games are added every month, and now there have been three games added to PS Now’s library. So, let’s take a look over these new PS Now games now.


The first game that has recently been added is Nioh, a brutal adventure game that takes place in Japan during the Sengoku era. A period of time that was full of civil unrest and war. Nioh gives this a darker and more mythical and fantastical vision of this time.

Take on a multitude of devastating monsters and creatures based on different myths and fables as the character William, a ruthless samurai who masters in hand-to-hand combat. Face numerous enemies with a giant arsenal of weapons, like swords, axes, spears and much more.

Master numerous different combat styles and weapons to become the most powerful samurai around and destroy the most powerful enemies and bosses.

The normal edition of Nioh is normally worth around £16 on the PlayStation store.

Jump Force

Jump Force is the second game added to PS Now this May, and is an action, fighting game that is based around, and includes, some of the world’s most favourite Manga heroes.

Taking place in our world, you create your own character and jump into a story mode where you unite with your favourite heroes from Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh and many more.

Once you have completed the story mode, there is an online mode that you can play. Allowing you to face different players across the world.

Jump Force is normally worth £55 on the PlayStation store.

Streets of Rage 4

The third and final game being added to PlayStation Now is Streets of Rage 4. An action arcade-based game that has you clean up the streets either alone, or with your friends.

Experience classic gameplay fitted with brand-new mechanics that enhance the game, along with a powerful soundtrack and stunning hand-drawn visuals.

You can play as a great number of different characters, including 12 previous Streets of Rage characters that you can unlock, and multiple new characters. Giving you access to new and classic abilities.

Streets of Rage 4 is regularly worth £20 on the PlayStation store.

With an overall value of around £91 for these games, if you have a PS Now subscription, you can play them now!

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