Games for Gold February 2023

Games for Gold February 2023-Custom Controllers UK

February 2023 has arrived and brings with it a fresh lineup of games for Xbox Games with Gold members to play. This article will highlight the Xbox Games with Gold titles for February 2023, giving you an overview of what's available and what you can expect from each game. So, sit back, grab your controller, and let's take a look at the latest games offered by Xbox Games with Gold. 


For The King

"For The King" is a delightful blend of classic tabletop gaming and RPG adventure. With its charming hand-drawn visuals and entertainingly witty writing, this game is sure to bring a smile to your face and keep you hooked for hours on end.

You play as a king, tasked with reclaiming your kingdom from a mysterious force that has caused chaos and destruction. The game combines elements of strategy, tactical combat, and roguelike mechanics to create a unique and engaging experience.

Each playthrough is different, with procedurally generated maps, quests, and events. The turn-based combat system is satisfyingly tactical, forcing you to think carefully about each move you make. And the writing, oh the writing! The humor and personality that shines through in the dialogue and item descriptions will have you chuckling at your screen.

In short, "For The King" is a must-play for fans of RPGs and tabletop games alike. With its addictive gameplay and charming aesthetic, it's sure to become a staple in your gaming library. So gather your friends, roll some dice, and get ready to embark on a fantastical adventure fit for a king!

Pros:  Cons:
  • Great art direction
  • Good level of difficulty
  • Difficulty can be too extreme sometimes



Guts ‘N Goals

Guts 'N Goals is a game that combines the adrenaline-pumping excitement of soccer with the fierce competition of a beat 'em up game. The result is a hilarious and entertaining experience that will have you laughing and playing for hours on end.

The game is designed with arcade-style graphics and fast-paced action that will have you feeling like you're playing in a virtual world. The controls are easy to pick up, but it takes skill to master the game. This is where the beat 'em up gameplay comes into play. You'll need to use your wits and strategy to beat your friends in a game of soccer.

The characters are quirky and lovable, and each has their own unique skills and abilities that make them stand out from the rest. This adds an extra layer of excitement to the game as you try to outwit and outplay your opponents.

Guts 'N Goals is a must-play for anyone who loves soccer and beat 'em up games. It's a game that is both entertaining and challenging, and it's guaranteed to bring laughter and fun to any gaming session. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to beat your friends at a game of soccer, literally!

 Pros: Cons:
  • Great multiplayer options
  • Lots to do/unlock
  • No personal customisations


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