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Custom Controllers Boxing Day Sale 2023

Custom Controllers Boxing Day Sale 2023-Custom Controllers UK

Is it worth going to Boxing Day sales?

Been given some extra cash for Christmas and looking for the best way to spend it? There's no better way than the Custom Controllers Boxing Day Sale. You can get up to 10% off on our boxing day sales game controllers and spruce up your gaming set up with a new controller, we have plenty of colourful patterns, designs and more. No matter how you game, we have a controller for everyone, brush up your next-generation experience with a PlayStation controller or take a leap into gaming with an Xbox Controller. Or why not enjoy top tier multiplayer action with our Custom Nintendo Joy-cons. Take a look at our selection now!


When Boxing Day sale will start?

(Custom Controller’s Boxing Day Sale will run from December 22nd - December 31st, 2023, get 10% off.)


Where are the best deals on Boxing Day? 

Custom Controller ps5:

Card Edition

Get your ace in the hole and take over the game with the Card Edition PS5 Custom Controller. Check it out now!
Card Edition PS5

Scare Edition

Looking for a scare with your controller? Then look no further! Have a fright when you buy a Scare Edition PS5 Custom Controller. Take a look!
Scare Edition PS5


Nightcrawler Edition

Make your way through the darkness with the Nightcrawler Edition PS5 Custom Controllers. Whether you are playing at night or during the day, this controller will always provide you with the most incredible looks and controls. Have a look now.
Nightcrawler Edition PS5


Custom Controller ps4:

Pink Edition

If you love a bit of colour on your PS4 controller, then our Pink PS4 controller is a great option. Stay simple with our Pink Edition Custom PS4 Controller. Check it out now!
Pink Edition PS4


Flamingo Edition

Play in fashion with the Flamingo Edition Custom PS4 Controller. Have a look now.
Flamingo Edition PS4


Party Edition

It is time to party and get your groove on with the Party Edition Custom PS4 Controller. Take a look!
Party Edition PS4


Nintendo Controllers:

Purple Edition

You can’t go wrong with a classic purple Nintendo Joy Con, offering a nice deep shade and bold colour. Check it out now! 
Purple Edition Nintendo


Red Chrome Edition

Play boldly and feel slick with the Red Chrome Edition Custom Nintendo Switch Joy Cons. Have a look.
Red Chrome Nintendo

Game Boy Edition

Take it back in time and feel a wave of nostalgia while playing your Nintendo Switch with our Gameboy Edition Custom Nintendo Switch Joy Cons. Check it out now!  
Game Boy Edition NIntendo



Xbox Controllers:

Magpie Xbox One

Calling all football fans! Feel the thrill of football with our Magpie Edition Xbox One custom controllers. Take a look!
Magpie Edition Xbox One


Overlord Xbox Series X

Feel the power in your grasp with the Overlord Edition Custom Xbox Series X Controller. Have a look.
Overlord Xbox Series X Edition


Droid Edition Xbox Series X

If a futuristic look and feel is what you seek, then the Droid Edition Xbox Series X Custom Controller certainly delivers. Check it out now!
Droid Edition Xbox Series X


And we have plenty more controllers over on our website! So don’t waste another second, make sure to head to our website now and check out our Boxing Day Sales! 

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