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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III Campaign Review

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III Campaign Review-Custom Controllers UK

Is Modern Warfare 3 worth it?

On November 10th, 2023, Activision games released Modern Warfare III which is the third game in the Call Of Duty recent series, with the most recent before this game coming out last October 2022. The first person shooter game is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox S/X and has been met with some mixed reviews.

So before you spend your money, we are here to breakdown the game to give you an inside scoop into what to expect, so lets get into it!


Players thoughts:

Overall, the game was met with a strange mix of disappointed gamers and excited fans. On one hand, the game received less than half ratings being described as lazy with players saying there wasn’t a need for this game. Some said it felt like a copy of the other games, with no major changes, and any actual changes made only made the game worse. Finally, disappointed fans mentioned that there were no major changes to the games graphics and gameplay, which was the most anticipated aspect of this release.

However, on the other hand, lots of excited fans seemed to love the game, noting the weapons feel more advanced and the multiplayer options is great. The storyline of the game was strong, following the previous games carefully with a strong and satisfying ending. So, lets take all these points into consideration and break down the game section by section.


What is the new Modern Warfare story about?

Modern Warfare III puts players in the position of an individual on the hunt for a Russian Terrorist who has led several terror attacks across Europe. His impact has triggered a large-scale war between the Ultranationalists and friendly forces, and its up to the gamers to make things right.

Call of duty: modern warfare gameplay

Modern Warfare III Gameplay: 

Focussing on the gameplay and storyline, Modern Warfare III has a lot of similar experiences compared to the previous game and this is no change when it comes to weapons. Lots of them are the same. Players can use older weapon blueprints however, but bear in mind this does make these weapons less powerful. All of the classic game modes are once again included in this game, including a brand new Cutthroat mode, which was met with positivity amongst players. Cutthroat mode introduces 3v3v3 action on core multiplayer maps. Operators only have 1 life per round, and to win players either have to eliminate the other team or capture the flag.

Whilst a lot of the changes to the gameplay have been positive, there was one change that players weren’t keen on, and this was the Menu screen. The new menu layout isn’t as strong, with some occasional glitches. These glitches are especially prominent when you try to click on a game mode option, the menu shifts frequently meaning that you may accidentally click another mode option. Also, when you manage to click the menu then click to go off it, a pop up appears encouraging you to purchase battle pass, this can become frustrating as there are lots of moments where the game tries to make you do in-game purchases to make the gameplay ‘better’.

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Who made the mw3 soundtrack?

Another aspect that was highly anticipated by fans was the soundtrack and score of the game. With around 24 songs on the soundtrack, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Soundtrack will be composed by legendary Brian Tyler and will feature multiple classical elements bringing back nostalgia from past games that fans are sure to love!

The soundtrack is currently available to listen to on digital download.

 Pros: Cons:
  • Lots of multiplayer options
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Exciting competitive features
  • No new features
  • Poor graphics
  • Rushed feel to game

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    In conclusion, this game gives us very mixed opinions, it has been met with 50/50 criticism and love that makes it difficult to determine overall our final opinions. There are a couple major changes to the game like many positives for multiplayer options, however when it comes to the actual gameplay, there’s no immediate changes. We recommend you check the game out yourself and tell us your thoughts? Maybe you’ll agree with our thoughts or maybe this game is one of your 2023 favourites.

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