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An Overview of Control Ultimate Edition for Next Gen

An Overview of Control Ultimate Edition for Next Gen-Custom Controllers UK

Control Ultimate Edition, almost two years after its original release, has been given a next generation console remake. Improving upon many of the previous features, visuals and more included when the game originally released. Now that Control Ultimate Edition has released for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, we have taken a look into the greatest changes made and the strongest parts of the game.

If you are a PlayStation Plus member, Control Ultimate Edition is one of the free games available for this month. Allowing you to play Control to its highest quality, whether you are on PS4 or PS5. So, it is worth getting your hands on this game now.

One of the main upgrades to the game is the updated graphics. Boosted to match the amazing graphics of the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S. The updated graphics are extraordinary, being amazingly strong and far better than before. This says quite a lot considering that the graphics were very good beforehand. The characters are greatly affected by the improved graphics, being more developed and having a much greater depth. Like most games, Control Ultimate Edition has a graphics mode. This allows you to experience the highest possible quality graphics possible in the game, running at 30fps with 4k and ray tracing.

Ray tracing is one of the most wonderful additions to this remake. Enhancing the beauty of the environment in this game. Surfaces look so much nicer, and reflections make a far greater visual experience.

This remake has also brought a great improvement in term of performance. Offering a new performance mode, running at 60 fps and 4k, the game runs extremely smoothly. Previous issues seen within the game, including poor performance issues and frame rate drops, have all been massively reduced. This makes the overall experience far greater, with 60fps being a brilliant edition to the game.

Of course, now being updated for next generation platforms, there have been a number of compatibility updates that should be recognised. With PS5 DualSense controller support being the most potent. Control has been updated so that you can experience the finest details through the haptic triggers available on the DualSense control. This makes it so that when you use different weapons, you will truly be able to feel it.

Having covered the major changes, it is worth going over the great parts of what the game includes. The Control Ultimate Edition includes plenty of high tier and updated content, such as the main story and all the DLCs.

The base story and gameplay of Control are very strong. The plot is very strong, being very unique and having some interesting moments that are very enjoyable. These moments are made especially enjoyable by the presence of some very fascinating characters, that you learn more about over time. With a selection of unique and interesting characters, that are quite mysterious and offer some great development. The story and characters are definitely some of the best experiences within this game, but the DLCs do not live up to the expectation set up by the main story.

The gameplay is another key aspect of the game, with the abilities and weaponry being at a high standard. There are so many fun and entertaining abilities for you to obtain, with each having their own benefits. For example, you can obtain the “launch” ability (telekinesis) which is extremely strong and fun to use, while also being used to complete different objectives. Although there is only one main weapon, it can be changed and upgraded in a multitude of different ways to provide a brilliant experience. For example, you can get a fully automatic version or a shotgun version.

Combat is overall quite enjoyable, with some tough moments that can be experienced. With enemies scaling and growing in difficulty as you progress. However, the enemies do feel a bit repetitive. This is due to there being only a few enemy types and mechanics to defeat them. Making it feel like you are often facing the same enemies over and over again.

The areas of this game are also quite fascinating, changing when you interact with them. Allowing you to approach levels in different ways. The story has a very corporate, yet dark, feeling. Which is very strong, as the atmosphere suits the games plot very well and offers some strong and enjoyable scenery.
It is very important to note that if you had previously purchased the Control Ultimate Edition on the PS4 or Xbox One, you will receive the next generation digital update for free. So, you will not have to buy the game again.

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