Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a 2D Metroidvania action-adventure game developed and published by Team Cherry, an independent game studio based in Adelaide, Australia. The game was initially released in 2017 for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux, with later ports for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation Vita.


In Hollow Knight, players control a nameless knight as they explore the vast, interconnected underground kingdom of Hallownest.

  • Exploration: The game features a large, non-linear world filled with hidden paths, secrets, and optional areas for players to discover.
  • Combat: Players engage in challenging combat against a variety of enemies and bosses, using a combination of melee attacks, spells, and charms that grant unique abilities.
  • Customisation: As players progress, they can collect Geo (the in-game currency) and use it to purchase upgrades, charms, and other items that can help them on their journey.

The game features a distinctive hand-drawn art style, with detailed characters and environments that bring the eerie, atmospheric world of Hallownest to life.

Story and Setting

Hollow Knight takes place in the ancient, ruined kingdom of Hallownest, once a thriving civilisation of insects that has fallen into decay and madness.

As the nameless knight, players must uncover the secrets of Hallownest's past and present, battling against the corrupted creatures that inhabit its depths and uncovering the tragic history of the kingdom and its rulers.


Hollow Knight received widespread critical acclaim upon release, with praise directed at its intricate level design, challenging gameplay, and haunting atmosphere. The game was celebrated for its deep and rewarding exploration, as well as its subtle storytelling and memorable characters.

Hollow Knight won numerous awards, including Best Platformer at the Golden Joystick Awards 2019 and Best Debut Indie Game at the Game Developers Choice Awards 2019.

Fun Facts

  • Hollow Knight began as a Kickstarter project in 2014, with Team Cherry initially seeking $35,000 AUD to fund the game's development. The campaign ultimately raised over $57,000 AUD from more than 2,000 backers.
  • The game's soundtrack, composed by Christopher Larkin, features a mix of haunting orchestral pieces and atmospheric ambient tracks that perfectly capture the mood and tone of each area in Hallownest.
  • Team Cherry has released several free content updates for Hollow Knight, including the "Hidden Dreams," "The Grimm Troupe," "Lifeblood," and "Godmaster" updates, which added new bosses, areas, and challenges to the game.

Hollow Knight stands as a masterclass in indie game development, combining tight gameplay, stunning visuals, and a captivating world into one unforgettable package. Its success has cemented Team Cherry's reputation as one of the most talented and creative studios in the industry.