Backorders & Cancellations

What is a Back Order?

Back Ordering is when you order and purchase an item on our website which is in fact out of stock, but will soon be back in stock within the next 5-10 days. We will notify the buyer as soon as the product is back in stock and as soon as we dispatch their pre ordered item (usually next working day).

Why Do You Have a Back Order Option?

We have decided to implement the Back Order option because mainly during busy festive periods we tend to be out of stock of our most popular products regularly merely down to a huge amount of unprecedented orders. This ensures buyers can still purchase their wanted item even if it is out of stock. It just means they will receive it a few days later than usual. It also ensures you don’t miss the short amount of time our popular items are back in stock for.

If I Back Order an Item For Christmas How Will I Know It Will Come In Time?

We make a promise to all of our Customers that if You Back-Order any of our items before the 14th of December then you are guaranteed to receive it before Christmas.


Cancellation Policy

  • We accept all cancellations for orders after payment has been processed and within 14 days of receiving your controller.
  • If you wish to cancel your order once payment has been authorised, please email within 2 hours to ensure your order is not processed.
  • If your order has already been processed and dispatched to your address then you still have an extra 14 days from the day of receiving the item to cancel and send back to our return address for a full refund.
  • Buyer is responsible for return postage costs, except in the event you have received an incorrect or faulty order.


If you have any more questions about delivery times, cancellations or backordering, Then please contact us.