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Save 15% With Your Order With Code "HOTSALE"

Liquify Edition Xbox One Controllers

Feel the flow and enlighten your senses with our diverse collection of Liquify Edition Xbox Custom Controllers.

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Liquify Edition Custom Xbox Controllers

Feel pure power flowing in your hands with our liquify edition custom Xbox controllers. The Xbox One controller has never looked so good, being completely transformed thanks to our variety of vibrant colours. The best way to describe our liquify edition Xbox One custom controllers is with the word liquid. Every design we have in this collection has a liquid-like look to it that appears that it is swirling and flowing as you play. But it is the rich colour options that bring these controllers to life, with multiple variants available to suit your preference.

More Liquify Designs

Though this collection is dedicated to custom Xbox One controllers, we have many more liquify editions available for multiple platforms. Take for instance our Hyper Space edition. Our exclusive Hyper Space design is now also available on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Enjoy next-gen features with an incredible design. Even our Origin Edition is now available for both Xbox Series X/S and PS5. We have amazing designs for every player and platform so that you can find your perfect controller today.

Building Our Custom Xbox One Controllers

Making sure the controller looks good is just one important piece of the puzzle. It is just as vital that the controller works to a high standard every time. With no issues getting in your way. This is why we only use completely genuine brand-new Xbox controllers in the creation of our Xbox custom controllers. Once a controller is created we then continue to test it based on a 20-point checklist. Here we can identify and resolve any issues that arise so that you get the best controller quality. 

Xbox One Controller Features

By going through this building process and quality assurance, we can also guarantee that you get all of the features you would find in any official Xbox controller. Including:

  • New thumbsticks and d-pad that is redesigned for peak performance
  • Incredible impulse triggers that deliver fine feedback
  • Greater control with the new textured grips
  • Compatibility with Xbox and Windows platforms
  • Wireless play from 18-feet away
  • An extremely useful 3.5mm stereo headset jack
  • And many other mighty features

Backwards Compatibility

Thanks to the Xbox One controllers' wide compatibility with the Xbox Series X and Windows 7/8.1/10 PCs, you can play the way you want on the platform of your choice. No more going through the effort of switching controllers and adapting to new controls. Just grab your favourite controller, switch it on, connect it to your console or PC and start playing. The great thing is, the Xbox One controller is fully compatible. This means that every feature is at your disposal and without any restrictions. 

Our Exclusive Designs

Want to see more of what we have made? Then our collection of exclusive Xbox Series X controllers is the best place to start. Discover many of our unique designs that you cannot get anywhere else but here. Like our Blue Storm Edition. Our electrifying Blue Storm design is now available on Xbox Series X and PS5 alongside Xbox One. Give your opponents the ultimate shock while playing. Or even take a look at the Pryzm Edition. Unify the shapes and form the ultimate controller experience. 

Build Your Own Xbox One Controller

Can't find your perfect controller? Then why not create it? We have a number of Create Your Own Controller builders available for you to utilise. Ranging from PS5 controller builders to Xbox One. It has never been easier to make your dream controller. Customise until your heart is content using our wide variety of designs and colours. And to make it all perfect, you can personalise your controller to make it truly yours. Engrave your name, add modifications or even create your own controller stand. It is all up to you. 

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