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Pay Day Sale - 15% Off All Custom Xbox Series X Controllers
Pay Day Sale - 15% Off All Custom Xbox Series X Controllers

Xbox Elite Series 1

Gain a complete advantage over your competitors with the Xbox Elite Controller. Our Elite controllers are completely redesigned with unique and wonderful designs, so that we always have a great variety of products.

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The Xbox Elite Controller does everything a normal controller can do and far, far more. Elite controllers have numerous features which will benefit the user and provide a phenomenal experience. These extraordinary features include:

  • Countless ways to customize your controls through the elite app that will allow you to change different controls, such as trigger values, different button assignments, sensitivity of thumb sticks and many more changeable customisations for you to discover.
  • Hair triggers that can be activated by using a switch on the controller, giving you the ability to fire faster.
  • Slots on the back of the controller that can hold changeable paddles, that can be used for movement and different controls. These paddles can be attached or moved at any time without any tools. A variety of different thumb sticks and D-pads included that are easy to change for personal preference.
  • An improved and enhanced grip, reinforced rubber rings around each thumb sticks to improve durability and lower friction.