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Use code BFFRIDAY22 for 15% off EVERYTHING


Use code BFFRIDAY22 for 15% off EVERYTHING

Joy-Con Repair

Having some issues with your Nintendo Joy-Con? Get it repaired now with our fast and easy service.

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Nintendo Joy Con Repair Service

Our Nintendo Joy-Con repair service will resolve many issues that your favourite Nintendo Joy-Con controller may be having. Which includes:

  • Nintendo Joy-Con Stick Drift Repair/Replace - we will repair your analogue stick drift
  • Nintendo Joy-Con Button Repair/Replace - we will repair your damaged R/L and ABXY buttons.

The repair services we offer are super quick, meaning that your Nintendo controllers will return to you in just a couple of days so that you can return to playing the games you love with the controllers you love.

What Can You Expect From Us?

Our Nintendo Joy-Con repair service, and all other repair services, are all carried out by our controller specialists who will fully repair your controller without any issue. Our controller professionals are fully experienced and will get your controller back to you safely.

Need a Different Repair Service?

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