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FAST and FREE Shipping on all orders. 12 Months WARRANTY at NO extra cost!
FAST and FREE Shipping on all orders. 12 Months WARRANTY at NO extra cost!

January Sale

Welcome to our January Sale! Celebrate the start of this year with 15% off all our products when you use code JANSALE23 at the checkout. 


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January Sale

It's our January Sale and you can get any of our custom controllers (or any other gaming products) available at 15% off. So keep your eyes open for any design that you may like. Simply use code JANSALE23 at the checkout and you can get your 15% discount. Our speciality is obviously customised controllers. And you can find the perfect one for your gameplay today. No matter what platform you are on.

Xbox One and PS4 Controllers

Starting with the classics. Current generation consoles and controllers are still highly viable to this day. So, why not get your hands on a custom Xbox One controller or PS4 custom controller this Winter? You can find some truly vibrant and colourful designs along with some darker and more horrifying themes. It is all up to you.

Xbox Series X and PS5 Controllers 

But what everyone is truly talking about is next-gen gameplay. The PS5 and Xbox Series X are becoming more and more available, and some of you may have been lucky enough to get one. If not, you may be in luck as we regularly have current and next-gen consoles available. So keep your eye out. And what better to go with your new console than an Xbox Series X or PS5 custom controller. Advanced controls and features delivered with divine designs. 

Controller Quality

Every controller you see across our collections has been thoroughly tested for your benefit. Our 20-point quality control checklist allows us to ensure that you get the best controller quality. So that no issues get in your way while playing.