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Pay Day Sale - 15% Off All Custom Xbox Series X Controllers
Pay Day Sale - 15% Off All Custom Xbox Series X Controllers

Create Your Own

Looking for a controller that is a bit more personal to you? Then make your own controller with our Create Your Own controller builders, choose the design and colours you want on your controller.

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    Create Your Own: Xbox One S Controller

    Look the best and play the best with your very own customised Xbox controller. We are one of the very few who offer the option to build your own X...

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    Create Your Own: Xbox Series S/X Controller

    Look and play the best with your very own custom Xbox controller. Here at Custom Controllers, we offer the pinnacle of controller customisation. Ta...

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Create Your Own Xbox One or PS4 Controller

We have controller builders for each platform so that you have the choice of what platform you want to get a controller for and the model you prefer the most. Starting with our current generation controller builders. You can make your own Xbox controller or even make your own PS4 controller with the design and parts that you like the most. Play your favourite games with the controller that suits you the best.

Make Your Own PS5 or Xbox Series X Controller

Or even jump into the next generation of gaming with a custom PS5 controller or custom Xbox Series X controller. You can build your own PS5 controller by mixing and matching all of the customisation options we have or even make your own Xbox Series X controller with our controller builders and get next-generation features with a sweet new look. Or if you are looking for the best of the best, then why not make your own Xbox Elite controller. Get the best features around with an ultimate look. 

Some of Our Best Controller Design Options

With our build your own controller builders we offer a multitude of different options for you to choose from. Giving you the greatest control over what you would like your controller to look like and all of the parts and colours that are included. We have a great number of designs available across all of our builders, with even more yet to come! Including some of the most popular designs, we have, such as: 

  • Glitch Edition – A glitch inspired design that features a super wicked black, white, red and blue colour scheme with glitching shapes scattered across the controller. 
  • Origin Edition – A super sweet blue and purple design that appears like it is flowing, giving a liquid-like design that is incredible. 
  • Galaxy Edition – A purple galaxy design that gives a controller an amazing design that appears as if you are looking into the depths of space. 
  • Universe Edition – Another galactical design that has a contrasting blue and orange look that gives you the feeling of passing through a colourful nebula.  
  • Camo Editions – Give your controller a camouflage design that can be either red, blue, green, pink or white, so you can choose the colour that matches your play style.  

Customise Until Your Heart is Content

So, no matter what design you want on your controller or what colour, we have a massive number of options so you can get the ultimate personalised controller. And with our range of stunning designs, we also let you choose what colour parts you would like to include. Giving you an extra level of controller customisation and the perfect colour combination. You can change the following options: 

  • Buttons – ABXY buttons for Xbox and circle, square, triangle and cross buttons for PlayStation can be changed. Choose your colour option ranging from chrome metals to plain colours. 
  • Home buttons – central home and start and share buttons for Xbox and home buttons and trackpad can be customised for PlayStation using a range of bright colours and special designs.  
  • D-Pad – The D-Pad across all controllers can be changed to your liking. Choose between regular and chrome options or even choose an interchangeable D-Pad on select controllers. 
  • Bumpers and Triggers – choose what colour you want your triggers to be on any platform you choose. Whether you want a sky blue or a red chrome, we have it. 
  • Thumbsticks – give the thumbsticks a bright new colour and control your game in fashion. Or even choose interchangeable thumbsticks on compatible devices to get the best customisation.  
  • And now for PS5 controllers, you can change the colour of the trim to get the complete look. Select an amazing colour or a brilliant design to complete your controller.  

Make it Truly Yours

We now also offer you the opportunity to personalise your controller even further with our engraving option. Choose a message that you would like to be placed on the compatible controller to give it that personal touch. Choose your colour and font to ensure that everything is right. Your message can be up to 15 characters and will be placed on the back panel of the Xbox controller or the trackpad on the PlayStation controller.  

Show Off Your Controller With a Custom Controller Stand

Or if engraving isn't quite enough, our Create Your Own Controller Stands are available right now! PS4 and PS5 users can now customise their very own stand to go along with their new controller. Engrave your name onto the controller stand and let the world know it is yours.

Upgrade Your Controller With Our Modification Options

And now, for those who always seek to get the winning edge over the competition, we now offer modification options in our create your own controller builders. So if you want a custom PS5 controller with paddles or an Xbox Series X modded controller, this is the right place. On Xbox One, PS4 and PS5 you can now add one of the following available options if you choose: 

  • Steelshot (Xbox One and PS4) - Steelshot Dual Hair Trigger locks to assist you with FPS gaming. Remap 14/15 different buttons to the 2 additional buttons that will be placed on the back of the controller for faster reactions.  
  • Lightning (PS4) - The lightning remap offers an additional 4 back buttons giving you a competitive edge in online gaming. Remap 15 buttons to the 4 rear buttons. 
  • Rebellion (PS5) - The Rebellion upgrade offers an additional 2 buttons which can be remapped to 15 buttons with ease. Giving you that competitive edge in online gaming. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unsure of how the modifications and paddles work, then there is a full guide available to look through on our Frequently Asked Questions page. Once on this page head down to controller instructions and select the modification you have purchased.

Customise Even Further 

And if you are looking for a bit more, we even have some extra controller accessories options within our builders if you want that little bit extra. We have controller stands based on some of your favourite games and protective controller cases for Xbox One and PS4 that are perfect for travel. 

Why Not Look at a Pre-Built Controller?

Want a different design? We have pre-built custom controllers for all platforms that feature a massive number of designs. All players can find their perfect controller. With options including our custom PlayStation controllers, which includes both PS4 and PS5 custom controllers. A range of custom Xbox controllers that are built up of custom Xbox One, Series X and Elite controllers. And finally, a range of custom Nintendo controllers for all of the Nintendo fans out there.