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12 Months Warranty / Fast and Free Delivery / Hassle Free Returns / Look the Best, Play with the Best!
12 Months Warranty / Fast and Free Delivery / Hassle Free Returns / Look the Best, Play with the Best!

Create Your Own: PS5 Dualsense

Experience the pinnacle of next-generation gaming with your very own custom PS5 controller.

We offer the ultimate PS5 controller creation service. With dozens of designs and colour options, and customisable parts, you are bound to create exactly what you want right here and now. All in a rapid timeframe.

With our wide selection of front designs, you are in for a truly unique experience. If you want your PS5 controller to shine, one of our various colour options are sure to do the trick. From chrome and standard colours to two-tone blue and purple, you won’t be disappointed.

Or if you want a design that is truly epic, our selection of premium designs are must-haves. Our exclusive blue storm and glitch are two standouts. We have a bit of everything, camo PS5 controller designs for a stealthy look, transparent PS5 controller designs, flag designs and more premium graphics that make the PS5 controller amazing.

The front design isn’t all you can change. We also give you full control of the trackpad, trim, back design, buttons, D-pad, thumbsticks, triggers and more! You can mix and match to your liking to create a PS5 controller that truly suits you the best.

To make the controller completely perfect, you can then add a name or gamer tag onto the trackpad! And you can even change the colour and font of the text to fit the controller and the player perfectly.

Want the competitive edge with your PS5 controller? Then the rebellion upgrade is one to watch. The Rebellion upgrade delivers an additional 2 rear buttons to the PS5 controller, that can be easily remapped to 15 buttons. Giving you the ability react faster and perform multiple actions at once. PLEASE NOTE: The Rebellion upgrade is only applicable with black rear designs.

What can you expect from our Custom PS5 Controllers?

We only use Sony official new PS5 controllers. This means that you are guaranteed to get every part and feature that you expect with any PS5 DualSense controller. Such as:

  • Haptic feedback and adjustable triggers
  • A built-in microphone
  • 3.5mm jack
  • Integrated speaker
  • Motion sensors
  • Remap PS5 buttons through the PS5 accessibility menu
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