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Xbox Live Gold Games for May Revealed

Xbox Live Gold Games for May Revealed-Custom Controllers UK

Xbox have now announced the next line up for Xbox Live Gold’s free game selection. Giving you access to four games you get to keep as long as you have Xbox Live Gold. But, like April’s collection, May’s games do not seem to be very enthralling. You can find an overview of the Games with Gold for May 2021.


The first of the four games is an Xbox One game. Armello is an action-adventure board game that focuses around different tactics, strategy in a wide world. You play as one of many characters available to take on numerous different creatures, quests and different players in order to reach the final goal of becoming King or Queen. This game is normally worth £16 on the Microsoft store, but you can get it for free for limited time.

Dungeons 3:

Second in the available games is another strategy-based game made for Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Dungeons 3 takes place in a darker world where you have to face diabolical enemies with a dark army of your own. You can create your own dungeon and take part in numerous different story levels, online multiplayer modes and numerous different levels available for your own entertainment. Normally worth around £27, you can play Dungeons 3 for free with Games with Gold this May.

Lego Batman (Backwards Compatible):

Next on the list is the first backwards compatible game: Lego Batman. Placing you in a Lego based world where you can play as Batman and numerous other popular DC characters in a fun story. You take on numerous villains like the Joker, in order to make Gotham a safer place from those who seek to destroy it. This game is normally worth £15 on the Microsoft store, but will be available for free this May!

Tropico 4 (Backwards Compatible):

And the final game that will be available is the Xbox 360 made game of Tropico 4. Another simulation-based game that focuses around strategy, but in a far more modern and realistic environment. You play as El Presidente, who faces a massive number of different challenges. You control what happens in your world, like political negotiations or natural disasters. Usually valued at around £9, you can get this for free with Xbox Games with Gold.

It seems that Games with Gold this May will allow for access to a few simulation games. But ultimately, you will get around £67 of value from Games with Gold.

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