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PlayStation Play at Home – Free Games for Nothing

PlayStation Play at Home – Free Games for Nothing-Custom Controllers UK

PlayStation, as of the 25th March, have fully kicked off their Play at Home campaign. Releasing numerous games that you can get right now, for free! You can find games for PS4 and PS VR, games that are compatible for next generation gameplay on the PS5. A campaign made to encourage PlayStation users to continue playing their games from home, and providing great entertainment for absolutely nothing! All you have to do is install them.

PlayStation Play at Home did start a few months ago, with one singular release. This game is Ratchet & Clank. A game completely reimagined for PS4 and next generation gameplay. It serves as the origin story for Ratchet & Clank, as they travel the galaxy. Though this game is not available forever, on April 1st at 3am GMT, this game will no longer be available for free download. So, you better get it before it’s gone!

The Play at Home campaign also offers more than just game. It also grants exclusive offers to different entertainment services. As of right now, you can get a free extended trial to Funimation. An anime streaming service where you can enjoy a huge library of different shows. This offer will only last until April 23rd, so if you’re interested you may as well use it!

Now, onto the most anticipated part. The games. Available now until the 23rd of April at 4am BST, you can get 9 free games forever. A lot of value, for nothing whatsoever. You can currently get: Subnautica, Enter the Gungeon, Abzu, The Witness and Rez Infinite for the PS4 and PS5. Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Moss, Thumper and Paper Beast for the PS VR. Now let’s take a very quick look into these games.


Subnautica is an open world survival game, that takes place on an Alien planet covered in water. You need to explore this strange world full of wildlife, that has a mysterious tale of a civilisation that were once present there. While also surviving and fighting against dangerous creatures, harsh habitats and a deadly disease that reaps on the planet.

Enter the Gungeon:

Enter the Gungeon is a game taken from the bird's eye view, with a unique art style and story. Push through a series of dark and dangerous dungeons in search of a powerful weapon that is capable of killing the past.


Another game that takes place in an underwater setting: Abzu. An exploration game where you explore through the depths of the ocean. Encountering different animals and marine life, and much more as you delve further into ocean. Discovering ancient creatures and secrets.

The Witness:

Yet another open world game, but this one full of hundreds of puzzles for you to complete. The Witness is a single player experience on a mysterious island full of mind-boggling puzzles. You need to find your way home by discovering clues about your past.

Rez Infinite:

Enjoy a thrilling experience where you can blast your way through waves and waves of enemies, in a world where sound and sight are one with Rez Infinite. Available to play regularly on PS4, or on VR, expanding your gameplay options.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission:

The first purely PS VR exclusive game to the Play at Home campaign: the Astro Bot Rescue Mission. You take control of Astro Bot, looking to save his robot friends in a great adventure. Face numerous enemies in vibrant worlds that you can experience in full 360° and immersive 3D noise. Defeat enemies, jump from platform to platform and experience wonderful scenery.


The second virtual reality game to be available with Play at Home: Moss. Experience a solo action-adventure story that involves you playing as a small mouse in a huge environment. Solve puzzles, battle enemies and move objects to achieve your aim.


Thumper is the third VR game in this campaign. An intense rhythm violence game where your goal is to break through a void full of colour to destroy mechanical beings that seek to destroy. Experience brutal speed and physicality in this VR world.

Paper Beast:

The last VR game, and the last free game until April 19th: Paper Beast. Explore through a world that contains many digital creatures. Experience an adventure where you encounter and interact with digital creatures and environments that are based on lost internet codes. Creatures will react to how you act, so be warned.

That consists of all of the games available right now for PlayStation users. Available for free temporarily. This will not be the end of Play at Home though, with more games releasing over time for free. On April 19th you will be able to get yourself Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, for free. A post-apocalyptic open world action-adventure game, that is inhabited by robotic creatures, where you are seeking answers for your past and what happened to the world.

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