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Overview of the Resident Evil Showcase

Overview of the Resident Evil Showcase-Custom Controllers UK

On the 15th of April, Capcom revealed many details of Resident Evil Village and other upcoming Resident Evil projects through their Resident Evil Showcase. Many details have been given to us about upcoming content, and we are going to take a look at it.

The showcase kicked off with a new trailer, displaying the dark and gloomy village and castle, and the hostiles that lie within them. Hinting at many story points and displaying more of the characters that will be involved. You can watch this trailer below.

Resident Evil Village Demo:

But what is the most exciting is the announcement of the upcoming gameplay demos that will be available for Resident Evil Village. There will be three Resident Evil Village Demoes before the game releases on the 7th of May.

Two PlayStation exclusive demos will be available, called the “8 hours in Village.” On the 18th of April from 6pm to 2am BST, the first demo will become available. This first demo will hold 30 minutes of gameplay within the Village. Here you can explore the Village for thirty minutes. You can back out of the demo and continue as much as you want, as long as it is in the 30 minutes. Once the demo is completed, you can replay it with the amount of time remaining from the 30-minute timer.

The second demo will be available on the 25th of April, again from 6pm to 2am. Once again, it will be a 30-minute demo, but will allow you to explore the castle rather than the village. It will work the same as the first demo, and will allow you to experience more gameplay.

All platforms, PlayStation, Xbox and PC will have access to an hour-long gameplay demo on the 2nd of May in Europe. From the 2nd of May at 1am to the 3rd of May at 1am, you can explore both the village and castle of Resident Evil Village freely. This demo works very similarly to the PS demos, but of course you can fully explore both areas rather than just one, and you have double the time to play.

You can fully pre-load and pre-download the demo before it begins, and PlayStation users can download the demo at this very moment. Ready for when it opens on the 18th of April. It is important to note that if you pre-download the Resident Evil Village demo, you do not need to also down load the early access version as well.

The Mercenaries:

It was also announced that upon the launch of Resident Evil Village, there will be an extra game mode called “The Mercenaries.” This is a popular minigame that has been included in numerous Resident Evil games. It is a fast-paced mode where you must complete the objective and get to the goal before time runs out. With Resident Evil Village though, there will be a number of different twists that make it a bit more unique.

With this mode, you will a new shop has been added. Where you can buy new weapons or upgrade your old ones for your next run in the game mode. From the shop you can also buy other gear that you may need to help you.

The addition of abilities in these modes is one of the biggest additions. There are many, many different abilities that allow for different bonuses. Such as increased weapon damage, increased movement speed, greater guard capability, and much more. This allows you to take multiple different approaches to the game mode.

Other Announcements:

For anyone who buys Resident Evil 8, they will get Resident Evil Re:Verse for free. Adding more to your Resident Evil VIII experience.

Upon announcing numerous updates for Resident Evil Village, Capcom also made numerous other Resident Evil announcements. It was announced that a new Netflix original Resident Evil anime series would make its way to the world in July. Named Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, the series will take place two years after the events of Resident Evil 4 and will focus on Leon and Clair from earlier game entries.

An update was also announced on the Resident Evil live action movie. Revealing that good progress is being made, and that they are currently in the process of creating the creatures with CGI. Though we will have to wait for an official release date.

Another exciting announcement that was made was a collaboration between Resident Evil and Dead by Daylight. In June, we will see a new chapter within Dead by Daylight, based around Resident Evil. Specific details will be revealed on May 25th for the Dead by Daylight anniversary stream.

Dead by Daylight and Resident Evil collaboration announced. June of this year will see a new chapter involving these two. Resident Evil joining Dead by Daylight universe. Exclusive Umbrella charm chapter item included.

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