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New April Xbox Update Overview

New April Xbox Update Overview-Custom Controllers UK

A new Xbox update has been unveiled, with a number of changes arriving that make Xbox player’s experience even better than before. Though there are not too many changes, the changes announced look to be quite useful and promising to Xbox users. With changes being made in terms of achievements, the Xbox app, Xbox Game Pass and game downloads. This blog will quickly go over these changes, and what they mean.

Achievement Changes:

One of the key parts to this new update is changes to achievements. There are multiple parts to the changes to achievements. The first is very simple, achievements have returned to the Xbox app. Meaning that now, you can track your achievements, check the monthly leaderboards and see how you are doing compared to your friends and more around.

Xbox Game Pass:

A couple of new additions have been made to Xbox Game Pass, making it easier to play with your friends and find new games to play. The first change is the new “Play with Friends” section. Here you will be able to see games what your friends are playing. This section will show friends who are playing a game that is on Game Pass. This feature will allow you to instantly jump into a lobby with your friend, or start downloading the game they are playing. This feature will serve as a way to easily play with your friends.

The second, and final, addition to Xbox Game pass is the recommended game section. Xbox Game Pass will now recommend different games to you on game pass, based on games you commonly play. And with the increased additions to game pass, in all different categories, this feature will help you find many games that you can enjoy as much as you want.


A new method to increase download speeds has been introduced. This addition isn’t a massive deal. As you should know, games install much faster when you have suspended or closed the game you are playing. So, based on this, the new “suspend game” feature in the games and apps section allows you to suspend a game so your download can go faster. Upon the download's completion, you can instantly jump back into your game with quick resume. Allowing for some efficient time saving.

And that sums up all the changes that have been introduced with the new Xbox update. As said, not many changes, but some useful ones regardless.

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