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Meet us at Insomnia

Meet us at Insomnia-Custom Controllers UK

The Insomnia gaming event kicks off on the 15th of April. And what better way to celebrate the next generation of gaming than by giving our products a whirl at the NewGen Gaming Zone booth.

The New Gen Zone is appearing for the first time for Insomnia 68, and this is where you can meet us and try out many of our high-quality products. You will be able to play some of the newest games on the PS5s and Xbox Series X consoles that have been set out. You can try out these new consoles and our custom-made controllers all with free play access – so there is no extra fee for giving the New Gen Zone a try.

To celebrate this occasion, we will also be holding a series of giveaways at the event. We will be giving away a series of custom PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers to several lucky winners. So, be sure to pay us a visit.

If you would like an early look at some of the designs that you can try at the event, then the best place to look is our collections of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 custom controllers.

Where Is Insomnia and How Can I Get Tickets?

Insomnia 68 will be held in the NEC in Birmingham. For tickets to the event, the absolute best place to look is the official i68 website, which will be linked further below. On the website you can make your way to the tickets page and pick the one you prefer. 

What's On?

You've heard about us and what we have to offer at Insomnia this year. But what else is there to experience? Quite a lot as expected.

Apart from getting to try out some of the newest games, you can experience a series of gaming stages, eSport and competitive gaming opportunities and lots more. Including VR booths and a number of creators that you can meet. 


Not only will the NewGen Zone be available to you, but also the Battle Royale and Daily Tournament Zones. Over the whole weekend, you can play against dozens of others in your favourite Battle Royale games or get competitive in a daily tournament. 

Or if you want to see some of the biggest eSports teams clash on the grand stage, there are four Grand Finals taking place at Insomnia this year. Featuring some of the UK's biggest teams: XL and Endpoint. 

  • On Sunday at 11 am, the Overwatch Grand Final will be taking place.
  • On Sunday at 2:30 pm, the League of Legends Grand Final will occur
  • Sunday at 7:30 pm, the Valorant Grand Final will take place
  • And last of all, on Monday at 11 am, the CSGO Grand Final will go ahead.


The Insomnia Gaming Festival is also going to feature a series of stages that will be held over the whole weekend. Including different shows like games, panel talks, podcasts, cosplay shows and more. 

At the Insomnia Gaming Festival Stage there are going to be 12 stages you can intend (8 excluding the eSports finals stated previously). Including:

  • 11:30 am Friday - Dark Room for Kids (a live-action text adventure comedy show purposed for children)
  • 12:30 pm Friday - Hot Seat
  • 14:00 pm Friday - Community Masquerade (cosplay show held for the community to take part in)
  • 15:30 pm Friday - A Wee Chat at Insomnia (a Twitch talk show hosted by Wee Claire)
  • 11:30 am Saturday - Dark Room for Kids (same as previous)
  • 12:30 pm Saturday - 80's Electro Breakdance Party (an interactive show involving retrotastic news, games and quiz. All in support of Gamers Beat Cancer)
  • 14:00 pm Saturday - Cosplay Championship
  • 15:30 pm Saturday - Hot Seat

Not only is there going to be the Insomnia Gaming Festival Stage, but the Expo Stage will be held at Insomnia too. Features some major shows on your favourite games, activities and more. The schedule is as followed:

  • 12:00 pm Friday - Combat Choreography for Games and Films
  • 14:30 pm Friday - 2K NextMakers
  • 16:00 pm Friday - Melanin Gamers
  • 17:00 pm Friday - Turn Up For What - Just Dance
  • 12:00 pm Saturday - Jon Campling Plays Guitar
  • 13:30 pm Saturday - Driving Diversity & Inclusion in Influencer Marketing
  • 15:00 pm Saturday - Britical Role
  • 17:00 pm Saturday - Turn Up For What - Just Dance
  • 11:30 am Sunday - TBC
  • 12:30 pm Sunday - Cosplay Confidence
  • 13:30 pm Sunday - Good Gaming Podcast
  • 15:00 pm Sunday - Creators Help Creators
  • 17:00 pm Sunday - Turn Up For What - Just Dance
  • 12:00 pm Monday - Artists vs Cosplayers
  • 13:00 pm Monday - Switch 1v1 
  • 14:00 pm Monday - Turn Up For What - Just Dance

Of course, there is a lot more to expect. Including numerous stalls, unique booths and more. And we can't wait for you to try out our products in the NewGen gaming zone. 

For more information, use the link below to jump over to the Insomnia website.

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